Guide to web applications multiannual loans : what to do


The 2019 Multiannual Loans web applications are the main channel for requesting ex Government Agency loans. How is the forwarding carried out, what must those who want to receive the loan do? Here we list all the operations to be performed.

How the request is made for long-term loans pursuant to Government Agency 2019

How the request is made for long-term loans pursuant to Government Agency 2019

The request for a multi-year loan is undoubtedly one of the most delicate steps for the user interested in financing. How is the consignment produced? Web applications Long-term loans are the main solution.

For their use, the user must use the Social Institute website. Inside, the page called “Multi-year loan directed to members Unitary management of credit and social benefits” will be sought. It is a resource that allows you to view more information regarding financing.

By taking advantage of the ” Access the service ” link, the user can initiate the procedure involving the online request for the credit line.

This requires possession of the Social Institute PIN and the tax code. If you do not have the PIN, you need to apply to the Institute. Staying within the scope of the request, we must underline other provisions of the social security institution.

Public employees in operation will have to provide the request to the reference administration, while pensioners, in addition to multi-year loan web applications, can also rely on the Contact center, which answers the 803 164 number from the fixed network, and the patronage.

All information on online calculation Multi-year loans

All information on online calculation Multi-year loans

The Social Institute website is also an important tool for calculating the repayment of former direct Government Agency loans. Calculation that is produced using another online service, the one called “Public Employee Management: simulation of calculation of small loans and multi-year loans “.

The user will have to enter the data that will be used for the processing of the repayment plan.

Differences between small Social Institute loan and direct multi-year loan

The direct multi-year loan is a product ex Government Agency and therefore is now administered by the National Social Security Institute. The regulation that defines its characteristics provides that the repayment project is structured over two time intervals: five or ten years.

The direct multiannual uses the methods of repayment of the credit typical of the assignment of the fifth. The installment is processed in the light of a fixed interest rate of 3.50%. The funding provides for specific restrictions on access. In fact, only civil servants and pensioners registered in the unitary management of credit and social benefits can achieve it.

The same ones that can apply for the Small loan, which however differs from the Multi-year from various points of view. The most obvious aspect is perhaps the interest rate: 4.25%. But the duration, from 12 to 48 months, and the use also change: the use of the loan is not associated with specific limitations.

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