How to use Social Institute loan simulator for public and postal employees

Online simulation of Government Agency loans

Online simulation of Government Agency loans

Public employees and retirees who need funding can get online quotes for subsidized Social Institute ex Government Agency loans. Credit lines for which it is possible to calculate the installment using the Social Institute simulator.

Service that has been made available to users by Social Institute since the beginning of 2016. It is a web application that allows you to calculate the installment of the loan and to know the items of expenditure applied to the loan.

The Social Institute ex Government Agency loan simulation service allows you to know in detail all the conditions of the credit lines dedicated to public employees and pensioners. The online calculator on the official Social Institute website allows you to know all the conditions applied to Social Institute Government Agency loans.

In this way, members of the public sector can have the opportunity to evaluate the convenience of ex Government Agency loans. It is also possible to know the maximum and minimum amount payable, depending on the type of loan you wish to apply for.

In this regard, we would like to remind you that public employees and pensioners can obtain loans on favorable terms granted directly by Social Institute. Lines of credit granted through a specific credit fund, the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

These are loans to which only those who are members of the aforementioned Fund have access. The former Government Agency loans are divided into two categories: small loans and multi-year loans. The former are personal loans with relatively low amounts, while multi-year loans are designed to meet significant expenses.

Before talking about the procedure to follow to use the Social Institute simulator it is necessary to remember that this can only be used for the calculation of the installment of direct loans. It is therefore not possible to carry out simulations of Social Institute guaranteed loans.

How to make the loan installment calculation

How to make the loan installment calculation

But how to use the Social Institute simulator? Those who wish to carry out an Social Institute loan simulation must connect to the official Social Institute portal. Once you reach the home page you need to click on the link All services, located at the top left.

From the list of services it will be necessary to filter the results by theme, choosing the Loans item. At this point it will be sufficient to select, among the results proposed, the Public Employee Management service : simulation of the calculation of small loans and long-term loans.

The service is accessible to all users and does not require authentication with Pin Social Institute code. Not only. Once you reach the simulator you can choose between three calculation modes.

In fact, it is possible to carry out both a general loan simulation and a more specific calculation. In the second case it is possible to choose between Simulation loan for ideal installment and Simulation loan for specific amount.

Once the few required data have been entered, the Social Institute simulator lets you know all the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans accessible to the user. For each proposed loan, the system indicates the conditions and all items of expenditure. In addition to the interest rate and the installment amount, all the expenses applied to the loan are indicated.

How to carry out the Government Agency Ipost loan simulation

How to carry out the Government Agency Ipost loan simulation

When addressing the Social Institute loan simulator issue, it is also necessary to refer to the calculation relating to ex Ipost loans. Again it is a calculator designed to facilitate postal employees.

Unlike what happens with the Social Institute loan simulation service, those who wish to calculate the loans for postal employees must go to the information page of the portal which deals with the direct multi-year loan for postal office fund management.

At this point, simply use the link on the page to access the Social Institute ex Ipost simulator. Once the application for calculating the loan has been reached, simply select the type of loan you want to calculate, between a small loan and a multi-year loan ex Ipost.

It will therefore be necessary to enter the amount of the fixed remuneration received by the applicant. In this way it will be possible to know all the conditions applied to the financing, from the sum that can be financed to the amount of the installment and the interest.

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