Barita donates US $ 15,000 to UHWI COVID Field Hospital in Jamaica

Barita Investments Limited has donated US $ 15,000 to the West Indies University Hospital Special Project, which aims to expand its facilities from 60 to 80 additional beds for the care of Covid-19 patients.

In a statement, Barita Investments noted that if the donation was made to help build the field hospital through the Jamaica Private Sector Organization (PSOJ), which is helping facilitate a multi-stakeholder private sector initiative to help the UHWI to expand its facilities. .

Commenting on the project, Barita Foundation Executive Director Tanketa Chance-Wilson noted that the donation is intended to accelerate UHWI’s emergency expansion efforts to add at least 19 hard-walled modular tent structures. to its accident and emergency zone, to help manage the peak in Covid-19 admissions.

Chance-Wilson said Barita Investments recognizes the importance of helping Jamaica manage and overcome what she has described as arguably the biggest crisis the island and the world in general have faced. for decades.

Barita Investments vice president Paul Simpson also commented on the entity’s contribution.

Simpson said reports of discomfort experienced by Jamaicans who contract COVID-19 are troubling and that the brokerage and investment firm hopes his contribution will help alleviate the predicament faced by patients and workers at health who operate under generally difficult circumstances.

Simpson also praised healthcare workers in Jamaica for what he described as their remarkable efforts in the fight against the pandemic.

He also commended other private sector stakeholders who have contributed to the UHWI Field Hospital / Bed Expansion Initiative.

Simpson said he is confident that through a joint effort of the public and private sectors, Jamaica will overcome the current health and economic challenges facing the country.

The UHWI facility expansion project saw a concrete base being built on the UHWI compound with an initial nineteen units.

The units have been fitted with the necessary equipment to facilitate, electricity, flow vents, with facilities for water supply and waste disposal also included.

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