Dengue Field Hospital Exhibition Center

The 50-member LGH medical team takes over

In accordance with the directives of the Department of Specialized Health Care and Medical Education, the doctors, nurses and paramedics of Lahore General Hospital (LHGH) have taken over the responsibilities of the exhibition center of Lahore Hospital. Dengue campaign set up by the government of Punjab to provide prompt treatment to patients. suffering from dengue fever.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, the main Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Professor Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar said that more than 50 LGH employees will perform tasks in the Dengue Filed Expo Center, including consultants, doctors, nurses, technicians and ambulance laboratories.

Prof Al-freed said the war on dengue cannot be won without raising public awareness, adding that social organizations and the media must play their full role in this regard.

The arrangements made by CM Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and Provincial Minister of Health Dr Yasmeen Rashid for the comprehensive medical examination of dengue patients at the Exhibition Center are commendable, he added.

The senior PGMI said that according to the directive from the Ministry of Health, medical and diagnostic facilities are provided free of charge to LGH patients and that all employees, including the administration, will remain vigilant until the end of the l dengue epidemic.

He said that not all fever is dengue, citizens should not miss the opportunity of cleanliness and precaution.

While appreciating the initiative of this field hospital, Professor Al-freed urged the population to avoid charlatans in case of dengue fever and to immediately contact the nearest hospital so that they can get rid of this disease on as soon as possible and that its appropriate treatment can also be ensured. .

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