Funding for hospital pharmacies has reduced a ‘disappointing reality’ for patient care

This week’s confirmation of $ 44 million in cuts to hospital pharmacy departments’ budgets will have unanticipated impacts on the care of some of Australia’s most seriously ill patients, SHPA says

On Saturday, the budget measure that will see a review of the pricing of public and private hospital pharmacies on October 1, 2019, resulting in a reduction in revenues associated with the dispensing of S85 drugs, was implemented.

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia chief executive Kristin Michaels said the price change has been confirmed for public and private hospitals, as originally reported in the 2019 federal budget.

“On behalf of our members with whom we have advocated against this change, SHPA is disappointed that this reduction in funding for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – through a reduction in funding to hospitals – will now become a reality,” said Ms. Michaels.

“In our liaison with the major parties leading up to the federal election and with the re-elected Morrison coalition government since, we have outlined a number of critical aspects of patient care and hospital pharmacy services that will be negatively affected by this decision,” and our focus now is on supporting our members and the wider sector through these changes.

Ms Michaels says it is too early to assess the full impact of the budget cut on Australian hospitals.

“Our members have made it clear that staffing, budgetary and operational changes will be required in hospital pharmacy departments when this reduction is implemented and we will work with them as much as possible to ensure minimal impact on critical care as patients. hospital pharmacists provide Australian patients. . “

Highlighting the organization’s focus on appropriate funding for drugs as the backbone of hospital pharmacy services, the PBS Medicines in Hospitals program will be at the heart of discussions at the SHPA’s upcoming Medicines Leadership Forum in August, depending on the organization.

Michaels says work will continue on a rebalanced funding agreement that enables the delivery of optimal hospital pharmacy services in Australia.

“We believe there is a very strong rationale for seeing the budget cut partially or fully mitigated by changes in hospital funding in the 2020-25 National Health Reform Accord.

“Ultimately our members are essential to the process and we thank those who have already made their voices heard. Defending the interests of hospital pharmacy is at the heart of our identity and the SHPA will continue to highlight the essential work you do. “

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