GB Nagar pandemic grievance committee orders action against private hospital

A panel set up to examine grievances against private hospitals Gautam Budh Nagar during the second wave of Covid-19 on Thursday ordered the district chief medical officer (CMO) to act against the Prayag hospital in sector 41 for having administered 11 vials of remdesivir to a woman in violation of protocol. The patient later died.

The hospital denied the allegations and said it would challenge the decision.

The complaint was filed by the patient’s son on July 12. According to the complaint, the woman was admitted on April 17 with a severe case of Covid-19 and died on May 21.

“According to the complainant, the hospital prescribed the patient 11 vials of the medicine Remdesivir. However, in accordance with protocols established by the Director General of Medical and Health Services of Uttar Pradesh, the number of vials prescribed to a Covid patient cannot exceed six. The plaintiff at the time had to pay an exorbitant amount to obtain the vials in order to save his mother, ”said Civil Judge Sushil Kumar, who is the chairman of the Pandemic Public Grievance Committee (PPGC).

The committee sent a notice to hospital management on July 16 asking for a response.

“A hospital representative denied the allegations and said he did not prescribe 11 vials for the patient, but an investigation into the bills billed by the hospital found he [the allegation] it was true. Therefore, the district CMO was instructed to initiate legal action under the provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act and the Rules of the Medical Council of India, and to notify the PPGC committee within 15 days Kumar said.

He added that the patient has been charged ??7 lakh by the hospital which was paid immediately.

CMO Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma said: “The district health service will investigate the matter and take action accordingly.”

An official from Prayag Hospital said: “The allegations are completely unfounded. The hospital never prescribed 11 vials of remdesivir to the patient. We will challenge the committee’s decision ”.

The PPGC was established on May 21 this year after Allahabad’s high court ordered the government of Uttar Pradesh on May 11 to establish a three-member committee in each district to examine complaints about the hardship. met by the public to obtain Covid treatment from the government. and private hospitals. Officials said they have heard more than 100 public complaints to date and have ruled against several hospitals so far.

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