New membership service for public hospital consultants by MDU

Latest Compensation Offer to “Close the Gap” on State Coverage

Dr Michael Devlin, MDU. Photo: Richard Bailey

A new membership fee service for consultants in public hospitals has been launched by the Medical Defense Union (MDU).

The latter compensation service is intended for consultants who do not perform private clinical work, but it also offers compensation for certain paid non-clinical work not covered by the state guarantee for income up to a ceiling of € 1,500 gross per year.

It does not include compensation for clinical negligence claims.

Aimed at consultants working in public hospitals where all of their clinical practice is compensated by the State Claims Agency, MDU membership “provides support for medico-legal issues not covered by the public plan.”

Dr Michael Devlin, MDU Professional Standards and Liaison Officer, said: “The MDU has a long history of providing expert forensic advice and support to doctors working in Ireland. We are keen to use our expertise to provide membership benefits to consultants working only in public hospitals, as our research indicates that physicians in this position would appreciate additional support with items not covered by the National Claims Agency scheme. .

“It is important to understand that the function of the Clinical Compensation Program is to provide state compensation for clinical negligence claims. It does not, for example, provide assistance in the event of a complaint to the Medical Council. Not only are these complaints potentially complex and stressful, they can be very costly, with a complaint going up to a hearing costing up to € 60,000 in defense costs.

He added that members of the MDU provide support to the Medical Council and patient complaints, as well as investigations – in the event of a conflict between a doctor and their hospital – disciplinary hearings and criminal investigations.

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