New partnership to provide health center and private hospital in Gregory Hills | Camden-Narellan Advertiser

Construction of a private hospital in Gregory Hills will begin soon, which is expected to be the first step in a $ 500 million health and innovation district.

HomeCo (a fund manager) today announced a joint venture with Acurio Health Group to acquire and bring the five-hectare health center to the growing region.

A private 78-bed hospital, already approved, is the first step in the sprawling development and will begin construction in October.

HomeCo CEO and Managing Director David Di Pilla told the Advertiser there was a real need for more health services in Macarthur.

“The initial phase of [the development] is built around a private 78-bed hospital, run by a group called Acurio, ”he said.

“This was prompted by a meaningful needs analysis in the region. There are many young families, with the growing population in the LGA, and clearly a need for more hospital beds and increased primary medical needs.

“It’s a long drive to Liverpool and other hospitals in the region.

“The site has received significant planning approval and has the potential for a much larger hospital – potentially a public hospital.

“Once you start putting this critical infrastructure in a high growth area, you can see it becomes a half billion dollar project.”

Acurio will manage the private hospital (which will have 58 night beds and 20 day beds) under a 15-year lease.

Stages two and three of the project, the planning of which should take shape in the coming years, will see the entire medical enclosure completed.

Planning approval has already been granted for a mixed-use medical campus, large-scale general hospital and biomedical facility.

HomeCo, under its HealthCo branch, will invest at least $ 70 million in the first stage of the project (which is expected to be completed within the next 18 months to two years), which will be part of the Gregory Hills Corporate Park.

Mr Di Pilla said he expected the enclosure to be a big boost for the region.

Artist’s impression of the first stage of the private hospital

“There will be a lot of jobs, and clearly opportunities,” he said.

“There will be specialized and related medical services, nursing, doctors and all the different paramedical services.

“People can live and work much closer to home, which will be a bit of a trend going forward.

“[HomeCo] is investing very significantly in the area – we already have stakes and own downtown Gregory Hills.

“We are great believers in the area and the potential for growth.”

Acurio Group Managing Director Scott Fowler said the group is delighted that HomeCo has joined us.

“We look forward to partnering with HealthCo to build a world class health center in Camden,” he said.

“It will start with a private pediatric hospital and maternity ward, construction of which is expected to begin this year.”

Company strategy director Robert Lin said the new neighborhood would be a huge boost for health care in Camden.

“We bring to this joint venture years of experience and a team of world-class healthcare experts who understand and are committed to the design, development and delivery of innovative patient-centered care,” he said. -he declares.

“The joint venture accelerates our ability to further raise the standards of health care for the Camden LGA by providing the highest quality medical services to the local community. “

Gregory Hills Corporate Park Director Satwant Calais said he was “very happy to hand over this regionally important medical district to HealthCo for the progressive implementation of the Global Vision that was created over five years”.

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