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Maternity beds at the private Northwest Hospital may be part of the short-term solution, but a longer-term plan is needed, according to the union. The state government has pledged to return the North West Childbirth Services to the Tasmanian Health Service following a report recommendation for a single governance model. Australian Federation of Nurses and Midwives Tasmanian Branch Secretary Emily Shepherd said the option to enter into a lease to continue using the private hospital beds may be good in the short run term. “Ideally, it will go back into the Department of Health infrastructure,” Ms. Shepherd said. IN OTHER NEWS: She said members will support continued use of the facilities beyond 2024 if the appropriate deal is in place. Ms Shepherd said an important part of this deal would be to ensure that employees are working under the single governance model with THS. The North West Private Hospital has been contacted for comment. Department of Health Secretary Kathrine Morgan-Wicks said on Friday there had been a conversation between the ministry and the private North West Hospital about honoring its contract which runs until 2024 She said the conversation would move forward to ensure the North West Soldier remains a viable and enduring service. “We need these beds in the area,” Ms. Morgan-Wicks said. “As the secretary of the Department of Health, I have to make sure that we then replace it with a potential alternative service. I don’t think it will be in 2024.“ I think it’s likely that we will have to potentially hire and continue to use these premises because we have no replacement.


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