Notice to private hospital for providing fetal medicine training without government. nod

The Department of Health and Family Welfare here notified Sparsh Super Specialty Hospital in Yeshwantpur for allegedly providing training in fetal medicine without state government approval.

Srinivas, head of urban family welfare in Bengaluru, said the hospital was found training students who did not register with the Karnataka Medical Council (KMC).

The alleged shortcomings were discovered during an inspection by a team of doctors and other officials in accordance with the provisions of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act 1994.

A press release from the Department of Information and Public Relations said the hospital had a license for 11 scanning machines. The department accused the hospital of failing to provide details online according to Form 6 before proceeding with the scan. Officials discovered that the hospital was submitting details online in the evening after performing the scan. The hospital is also accused of illegally installing a sign inside the scanning room to display fetal photos.

In response to the notice, hospital authorities said the facility’s fetal medicine service had been contracted out to the ADI Fetal Care Center run by UK-trained fetal medicine specialist Adinarayana Makam.

“Dr. Makam performs fetal procedures, which include amniocentesis, scans of fetal abnormalities, and fetal echocardiography. We understand that they follow highly ethical medical practices and strictly follow PCPNDT law. The observations made by the PCPNDT committee will be carefully considered and addressed in detail after discussion with the administration of the ADI Fetal Care Center, ”said Guruprasad BR, Director of Strategy and Business Development, SPARSH Hospital Group.

Closed center

Officials, who also carried out inspections in other parts of the city, shut down Narayana Rajagopalanagar Health Care Center for allegedly illegally performing abortions. During the inspection, officials found medical equipment used for abortions. The statement added that two Ayush doctors working at the center were on the run. Officials also found that the center was operating without registration and that complaints had been received from the public against illegal abortions at the center.

During an inspection at Vivek Scans in Dasarahalli, officials ordered the removal of a sign allegedly displaying photos of fetuses.

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