Patients at Le Boise Private Hospital See “Pink in Life”

You may have seen it, pink ribbons everywhere, public buildings lit up in pink…. we are in the middle Pink October. A month to make women aware of the dangers Breast cancer, And encourage them to do so Hunt down.

It’s here 28th campaign This year, and it is particularly necessary in our region: the second most affected region in northern France (at a rate of 106 per 100,000 inhabitants). Mortality rate in the North and the Pass de Calais 30% more than the national average. But breast cancer is caught early Heals in 90% of cases.

It shows that we can fight

This Monday, at Le Boise Private Hospital, in Lilly, women with breast cancer are entitled to wellness workshops. Larry, from Batunois, took off his hat to try on the beautiful Pink and floral tiara. She usually only wears black or white: “Give more hilarity, pleasure“She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.”It shows that we can fight. It’s good to see life in pink

Larry traded in a pink October turban for his black beanie. France Radio France
Cecil bidalt

A mentally ill person is better able to cope with the illness

It is also, Pink October, to show that we are a woman before illness. A major healing process According to Marion Com, nurse coordinator of the oncology care pathway at Le Boise private hospital: “With breast cancer, you are injured in your femininity, sometimes with total mastectomy (removal of the breasts), chemotherapy, hair loss, sometimes with eyebrows and eyelashes. All femininity is oppressed. A mentally ill person is better able to cope with the illness“.

Nail beauty sessions take place behind the white screen. With the treatments, they weaken, break and sometimes fall out like hair. Carine Desbaurie, Socio-esthetician, Anna, 54 years old and advises one and a half year old children. It applies specific products to it. “I am very dapper“Anna smiles admiring her red fingernails,” “We are not just sick. We have a disease. And to take good care of it and take care of it, I need to feel good“.

Karin Desbaurie, socio-esthetician, treats patients' nails.
Karin Desbaurie, socio-esthetician, treats patients’ nails. France Radio France
Cecil bidalt

Behind another screen, here is Fabienne Richez, Associate bio-reflexologist. It is a technique that puts pressure on the feet Rest the patient, And transmit its power. Fabian knows what she is talking about, she has beaten breast cancer herself: “Thanks to reflexology and care, because it does not replace shad, I regained my strength. I was relieved today“Message of Hope from Pink October.

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