Private hospital to add a second floor

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital at Vidler St, Woy Woy, has asked the Central Coast Council to add a new floor to its north ward and expand to ground level in the south corner of the hospital.

The proposal will result in an increase of 1,731 m2 of floor space, 15 additional parking spaces, 35 additional patient beds and a staff increase of 12.

The demand is to be determined by the regional planning committee due to the development value being approximately $ 9 million.

The works would include: the demolition of two existing individual dwellings located on the hospital grounds and their replacement by 23 parking spaces and the elimination of five car parks adjoining the dwellings proposed for demolition; partial demolition of the existing hospital to facilitate modifications and additions; demolition of the existing parking lot in the south corner of the hospital building overlooking Vidler Avenue.

It would include internal reconfiguration resulting in the removal of a kiosk and two rejuvenation rooms and the creation of five new patient rooms; construction of a new addition to the south corner of the existing hospital building facilitating two new patient rooms; and a new floor in the north hospital ward, resulting in 28 additional patient rooms, six group rooms, four consultation rooms, a gym, an art room, a discussion area and rooms for staff.

The height of the proposed new floor is 10.057m, which is in line with the 11.5m height limit for the site.

The request indicates that the proposed development is aimed at improving the capacity of the existing hospital and the availability of on-site parking.

“The proposal represents an opportunity to improve the existing health services at the site by using the space above the existing hospital building,” the request said.

“The development will contribute to more economic investment in the Woy Woy region by providing improved health services and employment opportunities,” said demand.

The proposal is on public display for comment until October 18.

DA Council follow-up, Sept.
DA 63014/2021

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