Private Tasmanian Hospital Employee Withdrawn For Failure To Get COVID Vaccine | Avocado

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Only one staff member at Tasmania’s main private hospitals was dismissed from their post for failing to get vaccinated after the health workers’ tenure came into effect from Sunday morning. The North West Private Hospital confirmed that of its 196 employees, one had been dismissed. Calvary, which operates four private hospitals including St Luke’s in Launceston, has confirmed its staff are fully compliant. “Calvary can confirm that all Calvary Tasmania staff working at the four Calvary hospitals are fully compliant with the Tasmanian government’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements,” the private health care operator said in a statement. It comes after 170 of the state’s estimated more than 16,000 public health workers were laid off due to the failure to deliver on schedule. IN OTHER NEWS Concerns were expressed on Monday over private health sector figures after the government provided updates only for public workers. Occupational health spokeswoman Anita Dow said having access to private hospital shutdowns would give Tasmanians a clearer picture of the impact on the state’s healthcare system. “We don’t know if it’s limited to the public sector and we really need to understand what impact it’s going to have on essential health services,” she said. A spokesperson for the health ministry said private hospitals are responsible for ensuring their staff comply with public health guidelines. “Based on information provided by private health providers, the vast majority of employers report 100% compliance,” the spokesperson said. “The director of public health has the power to ask private health providers for documents on the immunization status of their employees in the event of a problem. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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