Renton Public Hospital Commission Candidate Spreads Medical Misinformation

A candidate who spreads medical disinformation online is running for a seat on a public hospital commission in Renton.

Katie Bachand is a doula who helps women give birth. She is now running for a seat on the board of directors of a public hospital, Valley Medical Center in Renton. She runs because “I’m action-oriented and conservative. I’m not the type to just say, “Oh, we’ve got $ 10, let’s spend $ 11. I’m like ‘We’ve got $ 10. OK, can we make do with spending six or seven? ‘ “

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Bachand is known to spread misinformed medical information about the Covid-19 pandemic online, often commenting on vaccines and masking.

She promoted the drug ivermectin as a Covid treatment – an antiparasitic drug often used to deworm pets and humans. Ivermectin has gained popularity among anti-vaccine and conspiracy theory circles. But its effectiveness against Covid-19 is highly questionable. The company that produces the deworming drug, Merck, has also released a statement against the use of ivermectin for Covid.

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Bachand spreads much of this misinformation through Facebook, although his account is set to private and these messages are not visible to the general public. KUOW was able to see some of the messages.

“Watch how he explains gene therapy,” Bachand wrote in an article pointing to a video of a sermon titled “The War of Genes.” “Covid has never been about the virus, it makes us accept a shot that changes our DNA. All of this is factual and taken from the Bible – no conspiracy ideas…”

The conspiracy theory that Covid vaccines alter your DNA has often been debunked.

Another article implies that face masks have parasites. Another jokingly refers to the Nazis regarding proof of vaccination. Another encourages workers to challenge immunization mandates.

And another question if there is any evidence that a pandemic exists, stating “And there’s your first lesson in mind control.” It doesn’t matter if it’s Satan, COVID or the idea that your vote counts… ”The message concludes:“ You are going through a psychological operation, not a pandemic. “

Bachand also attended Donald Trump’s “stop the fly” rally on January 6.

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Bachand does not want to discuss his posts on Facebook or his political life.

“My take on warrants or wearing masks is irrelevant,” she said, arguing that this is because her only focus as commissioner would be on fiscal matters such as the budget of hospital and collection rates.

Bachand’s opponent is Monique Taylor-Swan, a member of the board of directors of the SEIU 775 union and a home aide in the Washington Department of Health and Social Services.

“I think it’s a threat to health care. You are not vaccinated, nor are you wearing a mask. You put everyone at risk. And you may be putting more people at risk with the decisions you make. “

Taylor-Swan has a progressive agenda. Among his main problems in the event of an election: appropriate staffing levels and fairer compensation. Also, an emphasis on inclusion and equity.

Candidates are running for the position 4 of District 1 Commissioner of King County Public Hospital.

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