Residential & Healthcare Towers – St Vincent Private Hospital, Kangaroo Point

A development application has been filed for preliminary approval for the redevelopment of St Vincent Private Hospital, located at 363, 365, 373 and 411 Main Street, Kangaroo Point.

Designed by Bickerton Masters, the proposal aims to modify the current development framework of the Brisbane Planning Plan, in order to facilitate the approval of future development requests filed on the site as part of a new master plan for the following constituencies:
– Health, care for the elderly and education
– Residential

Neighborhood development and new Riverwalk connection

The proposal aims to redevelop the entire existing private St Vincent’s Hospital into residential, commercial and community uses incorporated into the 6-step master plan that will span 20 years of site redevelopment.

The proposal will create a series of public corridors across the site that will connect Main Street to the Riverwalk, via new elevator access, also offering views of the new Green Bridge and Brisbane’s business district.

Step 1
– Parking to compensate for the existing open-air car parks which are lost during the construction of phase 2.

2nd step
– Residential care for the elderly will be moved from the existing Maycrest building
– Health & well-being area
– Free up space in the building to allow for demolition and future phased redevelopment.

Steps 3 and 4
– Redevelopment of the residential area
– Design subject to future lathe applications

Steps 5 and 6
– Redevelopment of the Health, elder care and education pregnant
– Developed in 1 or 2 sub-steps
– Flexibility in settling & demolition

Building heights
– Residential Multi-family buildings (15 floors)
– Residential care facility (19 floors)
– Retirement home (19 floors)
– Bedroom accommodation (15 floors)
– Short-term accommodation (15 floors)
– Community care center (15 floors)
– Health care service (15 floors)
– Hospital (15 floors)

Podium level

Building / tower outline

The redevelopment aims to integrate local, commercial and community retail activities into the buildings. These include the following land uses:

Civic activities
– Community care center
– Community use
– Indoor sports and leisure
– Marlet
– Office
– Place of worship

Community activities
– Child care center
– Club
– Educational institution
– Emergency services
– Health services
– Place of worship

Retail and commercial activities
– Point of sale of food and drinks,
– Hardware and commercial supplies
– Office
– Sales Office
– Shop
– Exhibition room
– Veterinary services

Planners from Gaskell Planning Consultants state that “the proposed land uses are generally consistent with the intention of the municipal plan to establish a range of various community, residential and commercial land uses on the land in question. Additionally, the proposed mix of land uses supports the orientation of Kangaroo Point as a high density living area in a high quality amenity area close to the city of Brisbane and the Brisbane River. These combined uses will support the continued development of Kangaroo Point.

“The redevelopment of the site offers the possibility of providing a pedestrian route through the site from an entry point on Main Street to the Riverwalk in the northwest corner of the site. This would benefit residents and workers at the site while providing more options for the public to connect to the river or access other means of transportation ”.

The preliminary approval aims to modify the planning scheme to provide a planned redevelopment for an integrated wellness community with a mix of health and residential services.

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Application information and references
– Filing date: September 28, 2021
– Advice reference: A005844698
– Address: 363, 365, 373 and 411 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
– Zone: Community facilities (Major health)
– Local plan: Kangaroo Point peninsula
– Application report: Gaskell Planning Consultants
– Blueprint : Bickerton Masters
– Interactive image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, drawings and images
All article information is sourced from and is available for review from MBRC pdonline or other referenced locations.

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