Start of construction of the HPP field hospital, operational in 10 days

GEORGES CITY: The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) today began building their field hospital in the parking lot of Penang Hospital (HPP) here with the aim of accommodating the growing number of Covid-19 patients in Penang.

The commander of the second medical battalion, Lt. Col. Dr Mohd Zamri Derahman, said the field hospital is expected to be operational within 10 days.

“We started construction at 9:30 am today and some 23 tents are expected to be pitched in an area of ​​2,300 square meters in the HPP parking lot by midnight.

“Once that is done, in the next ten days we will proceed with the power supply, technical and public works. We hope to finish all this before 10 days but it will depend on the weather conditions.

“Weather permitting, we could see completion in seven days. Four officers and 50 staff will undertake this project, ”he told reporters after inspecting the field hospital site today.

Last Saturday, Health Minister Khairy Jamaludin said that a field hospital would be built in the HPP parking lot to accommodate the growing number of Covid-19 patients in the state.

Khairy said the field hospital will provide more than 100 beds for patients with oxygen facilities, an intensive care unit (ICU) and other facilities to treat patients.

Meanwhile, Mohd Zamri said the field hospital will be equipped with four intensive care beds and 96 non-intensive care beds to treat patients in categories four and five of Covid-19.

“This will be MAF’s ninth field hospital. As for Penang, there is the intensive care field hospital in Kepala Batas (mainland) and the one here at HPP, ”he said.

Once operational, the MAF will station 22 staff and two doctors at the field hospital, assisted by a medical team from the health ministry, he said. Bernama

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