State’s very first driving hospital pharmacy launched

Dr Ramli gives a thumbs up after dispensing medicine to Roslan Poli, the first to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy behind the wheel.

SIBU: The very first Sarawak Drive-Thru Pharmacy at Sibu Hospital was launched yesterday afternoon with the aim of providing value-added services to patients.

The senior director of the Pharmaceutical Services Division of the Ministry of Health, Dr Ramli Zainal, told reporters that it was a practical alternative to the standard method of collecting drugs at the hospital.

He revealed that 39 patients have so far signed up for the new service.

“As you all know, hospitals are usually always overcrowded with patients. So this (drive-thru pharmacy) is an additional service to make it convenient for the patients in the hospital.

“It’s actually for patients who are on monthly medication, especially those with chronic illnesses. Thanks to this service, patients will be able to recover their medicines more quickly, ”he declared after the establishment of the establishment.

Dr Ramli (front, third from right) and others jointly cut a ribbon to officiate the state’s first driving pharmacy.

With the pharmacy behind the wheel, he said those who collect their medication will no longer need to find a place to park at the hospital.

Developing further, Dr Ramli said the service is by appointment to allow patients’ medications to be prepared before collection.

To register for the service, he explained that patients will need to register at the outpatient pharmacy counter.
(room 36) with a new prescription from the specialist clinic at Sibu hospital.

Upon successful registration, the patient will receive a pharmacy card, he said.

The service, however, cannot be offered to patients with prescriptions containing psychotropic drugs, specialty drinks and non-commercial eye drops.

“If the patient is not able to pick up the drugs on the prescribed date, the patient should go directly to the outpatient pharmacy counter at Sibu Hospital for drug collection. “

Dr Ramli also mentioned that if the installation proves successful, similar drive-thru pharmacies could be set up in other public hospitals in the state.

The new installation operates from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding weekends and public holidays.

More information about the facility can be obtained by calling the Sibu Hospital Pharmacy Department (084-343333).

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