Tanzania: owners of private hospitals appeal for government support

SOME private hospitals have called on the government to fully support their activities so that they effectively deliver health services to communities.

Appealing to Dar es Salaam over the weekend, the director of KAM Musika hospital, Dr Kandore Musika, said full government support would allow them to reach all Tanzanians, regardless of their location in the country.

Dr Musika, who is a physician and founder of KAM Dar es Salaam Pharmacy Limited, added that Tanzanians, who have invested in the health sector, should be seen as stakeholders and not rivals in the sector.

He added: “Public-private partnership (PPP) was crucial for the development of the health sector in Tanzania and government officials should view private investors as their enemies, but rather as development partners.

“KAM Hospital has all diagnostic facilities and our plan is to make the institution a center of excellence in diagnostic services.

“We provide services without looking at the profit margin, as our number one goal is to help our fellow Tanzanians and that is why we organize a weeklong camp several times to offer free services like medical examinations to our fellow Tanzanians. . “

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