Yasmin opens dengue field hospital at Lahore Expo Center

LAHORE: Punjab’s Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid on Sunday inaugurated a 280-bed dengue field hospital at the Exhibition Center.

The minister visited different units to see the arrangements. Special Secretary Ajmal Bhatti and consultant Asad Aslam Khan gave a detailed briefing to the minister on the arrangements. The minister met with doctors and staff and advised them to take good care of patients.

Speaking to the media during her visit, the minister said the government had provided doctors, paramedics as well as oxygen and medicine to the hospital. Dr Asad Aslam has been appointed the Expo Field Hospital focal point. Doctors from Lahore General, Department, Jinnah and Mayo Hospitals have been assigned to the field hospital. The right information needs to be given to people instead of rumors, she advised and maintained that there was no shortage of beds for dengue patients in Lahore and that all of this news was false. Based on the increase in the number of patients, the number of beds was increased, she said, adding that a total of 1,209 beds had been reserved for dengue patients, including those in hospitals. campaign of the expo.

She said the exhibition center field hospital had been made operational for 24 hours and CBC was to be delivered within 45 seconds. Free treatment for fever will be granted to all. All tests must be performed free of charge.

Currently, 28 dengue patients are seriously ill. In the event that a patient with a fever cannot make it to the hospital, they can call 1122 and they will be taken to the nearest public sector hospital. The dengue hotline is 042-99211134-6, she added.

The minister said about 3,750 patients have been registered so far. In the past 24 hours, 177 cases have been reported. Most private hospitals have reserved dengue beds with support from the health service. All private labs perform dengue fever testing at Rs90 and testing can only be done on doctor’s recommendation. In public hospitals, this test is free. In Lahore, the DHA zone is currently reporting more cases. Surveillance was carried out in 55,000 foci and larvae were found in 1,719 foci. There is a response of cases once the larva is found and around 50 houses in the surrounding areas are sprayed. Corona is also being treated for dengue fever at the same time. “

All vaccination centers are open for the second dose even on Sundays. The positivity ratio is 2.9% in Lahore and 1.9% in Punjab, she said, adding that the corona situation is better now.

Responding to questions from reporters, the minister said people can file complaints at the control room about public sector hospitals. No patient will be sent back to public hospitals with a fever. Since January of this year, eight people have lost their lives to dengue fever. Technical people were added to DEAG, and their inclusion was done on merit. Interviews for regular MS appointments in hospitals will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next.

Over 50 people applied for Lahore University Hospitals. Currently 28 beds in Mayo, 16 in General Hospital, nine in Services Hospital, 12 in Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital, 12 in Shahadra Teaching Hospital and four beds are unoccupied at Yakki Gate Hospital. .

Hospitals under P & SHD i.e. Kahna, Bedian, Sabzazar and other areas have been alerted. Private hospitals have been urged to provide dengue treatment to Sehat Sahulat cardholders. We are setting up a new 350 bed emergency at Jinnah Hospital. The highest number of emergency room influxes is reported at Jinnah Hospital, she concluded.

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